Silent Rooster (What?) 

endless thin rides into morning noon and night
in clichés that marry shallow communion
stretching out words into lines of distant horizons
empty the empty mine of hollow thoughts

I will wake the rooster from his sleep
and scream!

abolish, annihilate, annul, cancel, destroy, end,
reverse, abate, prohibit, exterminate, obliterate,
subvert, stamp out, cancel, overthrow, suppress, remove, void, eradicate, repel, revoke, terminate

the senseless empty pics!

Running Rabbit (What??)

What is this

Peter Rabbit dancing on pins and needles
painting colours
on puddles that are muddles
in clouds of cuddles

What is this 

attics in blue water
chemistry in red sunset
heads in graves
fakes in fakes

What is this

still is never
grass is dying
thinking is frying
my ring is my rabbit

Gold Fishing (What???)

without the thread of air
seaweed is my head 

on roads, buses, trains and planes packed
aside picket fences drifting in cement
nestled in scrambled flesh
as bobbled heads wait their bullets 

prayer for a lego fix
torpedo the unborn
and live in sand 

I saw a goldfish praise air

Snailed (What????)

dream will not sleep
this panting darkness
stars have pulled their curtains

heaven has gone for a visit 

nothingness eyes
drone on this dead pillow
drain downs comfort

my ceiling is a floor 

the damn raccoons are screwing on the shingles
the skunk is fucking the air
the mosquito is a prick

devil, stop feeding the black squirrels

laughing, snail slimed the pane

Bedtime (What?????)

“What is what,” asked Teddy

“What is, You are a bear,” said I

“No,” said he

“What’s, are funny pain,” said I

“What is normal,” while puzzling time

You are a bear.

And I’m sleeping with you.