I don’t want to Graduate

the Light is leaving
candles are shutting down
the windows are put to sleep
amen to praying conversation
a dark wind opens the door 

the Light is leaving
who wined the bride and groom
who constructed sight
who banished the arrogant
and lit bleeding words 

the Light is leaving
to transfigure history
and live in hallelujah


our wool behind
and step from this shine
ripely tasseled
venture and fight flesh eaters
to open dead hearts 

we are the leaving 

Death hath no Dominion

I buried a red robin in my backyard
the boy down the street touched the hydro line
dead as a stone
no sound echoed on the hill of Golgotha
eternity has no voice
yesterday is still
and Mary cannot touch
He is dropping
in endless canyon of dark
then light Spoke
death will have no dominion
in the Bread of life

Don’t Tell the Foot of the Cross

Satan laughs

the fracture of man,
now a bodied worm 

straitened by scratched tears
bleeding without colour 

secreted heart screams
as lava eyes burn 

where hands and feet twitch
in their living coffins 

Satan voiced his song

“victory is my demon’s breath
we have hammered his tendons
dug his wounds
needled his brow
melted his loins to the tree
burned his voice
now I own his soul” 

Satan did not hear

He is Lord before time

Who Gave Us, Us? 

a sailing island
that endless direction
has no shore 

see there
standing on the water
the parachute
of the Resurrected  

come jump
through the dark hair of time
with wind and rain
land on black shimmering shine 

where soft,
walking words heal gently
in dew drips of rhythms and rhyme
stay and find longing 


The Washing of Peter

Let’s party
the Passover is about to begin
I’ve shaved, washed, put on fine linen –
I’ll meet the boys on the way
knock at Jesus’ door  

we’re a good bunch of guys
seen more than our share
medical wonders, brilliant dialogue,
fed the lost
we’re off  

Christ is one clever dude
tonight, we’ll relax
sit back, drink wine, eat bread
enjoy the Tradition

“Boys grab a couch,” 

What? a foot towel on the master’s shoulders
and that pail of water
I’m in charge.
“Give me that bucket” 

the gaze
the verity

my mother washed my hair
scrubbed my face and washed my feet 

what a little boy am I

We the Disciples

there, we are the disciples
mastered by none but Christ
the blessed recruited
separated to transform
the broken, the lost, the wounded
schooled in the mystery of five thousand
eating in true righteousness,
staring at the glimpses of heaven 

here, we are coloured fish
where fellowship is never a lie; is a lie
equal is equal; but gone
colour egos; egos colour
schools have groups; groups have schools
we will feast,  

but Christ will be here and there
love must reveal;
the buried and the secret
tell Judas to have his time


Abnormal Truth 

“ridiculous, this bread and wine”

why keep the wooden fence
in your sea of sorrow 

why, the locked door
caressing secret clouds 

why, the dry walls
holding surfing darkness 

why, the bricked bridge
blocking fragmented tears 

why, the cemented screams
burying hope’s light

why feed the hives of evil
fighting at your pores 

why water black flowers
that flowered in daylight

my marrow smells"
Forgiveness calls

the blood wine
and bread of forgiveness  

hear and see
“ridiculous” is dead


follow the hollow that ticks
to marry go round, round
eating pickling delights
with desserting words
binding the bent
gilding gold
keep your skin 

“Give me your skin and live in My flesh”

“Yes,” said
Peter, James, Andrew,
Matthew, Philip,
John, Bartholomew,
Judas - son of James,
Simon the Zealot,
Thomas, Luke 

“No,” said
Judas Iscariot